6 Brilliant Tips to a Great Website Design

A website is where your internet audience is driven to – you don’t want them to have a bad impression of your brand. It’s the first thing your target market judges you on. It is a well-known fact that more and more people now consider shopping online instead of physically reaching an outlet to buy a product or seek information and even if they do consider a physical outlet over an online one, they check for information first on the website. Make sure to not disappoint them by putting up a poorly designed website. It literally waves off all your good points and leaves your visitor in doubt about the quality of your product or service. Similarly, a good website will win their trust, it will resonate the right kind of feelings that will be advantageous for your brand repo. Let’s help you in building a winner website design. Use this checklist of 8 Qualities of a Good Website to ensure your site will be attractive, solid and visible.

1. Your domain has to be strong:

Domain names is will make or break the game for you. Competition is fierce here, no matter what fight for a “.com” domain name. If yours is taken do not move to the one with “.net”; it will only lose your visitors. Step up, be creative and find yourself a domain name with “.com” only.

2. Build an identity that is clear:

Visiting different websites and paying close attention to details pays off really well – It helps you spot mistakes in the design. Do websites with obscure banners and cluttered images catch much of your attention? Do they confuse you? I’m sure the answer is yes. Try not to make that mistake with yours. Make your logo, images, and banners visible. It has to be simple yet prominent. Leave more space, a website design with too much going on get make visitors lose interest. Pay close attention the next time you’re surfing the Internet. You don’t need a lot of buzzwords to tell me you sell cars; just cut to the chase and tell me why you’re the perfect car store for me.

3. Visible contact information:

Keep your information easy to reach. Web patrons and web surfers normally have a very short attention span, so try not to make your information a mystery for them. Your contact information has to appear clear and should be easily accessible. It can be a link at the upper right corner or in the main navigation. Ideally, your contact details are found on each page of the site, displaying email address, phone, easy-to-use contact form. Availability of a Google map will be a plus point.

4. Good navigation:

Good navigation will let your website visitors find your service or products easily. It’s like your website’s GPS. Just like a good map finds a home easily, website content is made easier to find through good navigation. Get it before your competition does.

5. Well-constructed pages:

It’s all about putting information, links, images content up strategically in order to utilize it smartly. Each element should be at the place where it belongs and suits well. It should be informative as well as catchy. So take your time and think this through because placing of website elements effectively will help you greatly in pulling off a good website design.

6. Content that impresses:

It doesn’t only mean creative content; it has to be clear, simple and communicative. The message that you intend to send it must be conveyed through it. It should be precise, grammatically correct and accurate, for your visitors have short attention span. Keep updating your content, use social media and blogs to add interesting content which helps visitors keep coming back to your website.