6 Cutting-edge Web Design Inspirations for You

Ask any web designer what the most difficult task of their job is and they’ll surely answer that it’s the “inspiration” for the design. Most of the times they become so unsure about their design that they really can’t find what will be the final outcome. To eliminate these types of issues you must look for inspiration to create and achieve an amazing web design.

Why a good web design is necessary for your website?

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but have you ever thought that if the cover is not attractive or unique, nobody will give a look to it. Will you? Few of you can, but most of you probably won’t, it’s just because first look is the most important thing that will make you stay with that book. Same is the case with a website. Here, we are casting light on some of the popular web designs that will surely act as inspiration for you.

Invoke inspiration with bold and beautiful web designs

1. Catscarf

Open this site and it will welcome you with a screen fitted photograph of a cute and fluffy cat wearing a beautiful cat scarf. You’ll see different scarfs and a perfectly placed CTA just below. Just by looking at its first page a user can know about the company clearly.

2. Falvѐ

Web design of Falvѐ is something you’ll definitely love to see again and again. Falvѐ proves that a clean and simple web design is enough to attract people and make them stay on the page. Homepage describes what actually Falvѐ means and makes it more interesting.

3. Brave People

It’s really brave enough. Just by clicking on the homepage of Brave People you’ll be welcomed by big photography with bold captions. Most attractive thing about this web design is the Mouse Over effect on the photos.

4. GC Watches

Bold and timelines designs always get attention. Web design of GC Watches is outstanding just like their beautiful and elegant watches. This refreshingly bold web design introduces an exclusive collection of watches for both men and women.

5. Jun Lu

This art direction and design company knows what to do and how to do it. Grey background and product images in center stage are smartly designed to guide you about the offered services.

6. Spotify

Parallax scrolling and explosion of designs with clear CTA and high definition photographs embellish the homepage.