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6 Cutting-edge Web Design Inspirations for You

Ask any web designer what the most difficult task of their job is and they’ll surely answer that it’s the “inspiration” for the design. Most of the times they become so unsure about their design that they really can’t find what will be the final outcome. To eliminate these types of issues you must look for inspiration to create and achieve an amazing web design.

Why a good web design is necessary for your website?

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but have you ever thought that if the cover is not attractive or unique, nobody will give a look to it. Will you? Few of you can, but most of you probably won’t, it’s just because first look is the most important thing that will make you stay with that book. Same is the case with a website. Here, we are casting light on some of the popular web designs that will surely act as inspiration for you.

Invoke inspiration with bold and beautiful web designs

1. Catscarf

Open this site and it will welcome you with a screen fitted photograph of a cute and fluffy cat wearing a beautiful cat scarf. You’ll see different scarfs and a perfectly placed CTA just below. Just by looking at its first page a user can know about the company clearly.

2. Falvѐ

Web design of Falvѐ is something you’ll definitely love to see again and again. Falvѐ proves that a clean and simple web design is enough to attract people and make them stay on the page. Homepage describes what actually Falvѐ means and makes it more interesting.

3. Brave People

It’s really brave enough. Just by clicking on the homepage of Brave People you’ll be welcomed by big photography with bold captions. Most attractive thing about this web design is the Mouse Over effect on the photos.

4. GC Watches

Bold and timelines designs always get attention. Web design of GC Watches is outstanding just like their beautiful and elegant watches. This refreshingly bold web design introduces an exclusive collection of watches for both men and women.

5. Jun Lu

This art direction and design company knows what to do and how to do it. Grey background and product images in center stage are smartly designed to guide you about the offered services.

6. Spotify

Parallax scrolling and explosion of designs with clear CTA and high definition photographs embellish the homepage.

Remodel The Websites With The Web Designing Company

Web design is the creation and maintenance of websites with different skills and discipline. The term is generally used to describe the designing process relating to client’s instruction for the website. These designers are expected to have awareness on usability and their work on creative mark up. They are also expected to be up to date with web accessibility guidelines.

The different responsibility of a web designing company is creating websites, logos, banner ads, sketches, creative videos, social media creatives and sketching out marketing plans for traffic generation, etc. These companies help their clients in making presence felt online and converting their visions into reality.

In order to approach a good web design and development company, there are some factors to be considered. They are as follows:

Portfolio: While approaching such firm, make sure that the company gives innovative ideas in order to develop the websites. They should present all the minute details for the website.

Style: It is one of the important factors. Clients should discuss with such companies, so that they can customize the client’s website with exclusive style and design.

Building SEO: A good professional in this field should always help in building SEO friendly sites. They implement SEO rules while developing a site to help their clients reach their online goals

Meeting Online Standards: Right from the beginning, these professional build sites with proper online standards to make it easier for search engine to read it.

Blogs/ Articles management: The content writing is another area where a client needs help. Content creators take care of this matter and customize content for the client based on the demand of the topic.

Updating: Usually the existing website simply requires a new look. These creators make the changes according to the need of the time and also in order to meet up the demands of the clients. Sometimes minute changes are done within 12 hours and they also attempt to complete most updates within the time limit, as per the instructions are given.

Accessibility: Also, such professional should take the client’s target for the market while incorporating accessibility on the website. They should use all the latest technologies, so that the websites are available in every possible way.

However, the work of these professionals depends on the company they work for. Generally, website designers tend to be a part of creative industry, but at present they also work for corporate houses. As, many corporations rely on these creative professional, in order to keep themselves updated on the online marketing platform.

Possible Future of WordPress Discussed

While developers can’t stop raving about the fact that today WordPress has managed to cross billions of users across the globe, we believe it’s the right time to reflect on the future of this platform. We have talked so much about the different WordPress Website Templates all these years. Why not talk about the future as well? Where would you see this immensely popular Content Management System five or ten years from now? Let us find out here.

WordPress: A sneak peeks into the possible future of the most popular content management system

It was not very long ago when Ryan McCue, the lead developer of the Rest API of this platform discussed in his blog the possible merger of REST API with WordPress core. He didn’t really say that they are going to be blended for sure but he imagined what might happen in case the merger does really take place. With the merger, he feels that more real-time features will be introduced. Here’s more:

  • Presence of sites on major platforms like YouTube
  • Easier theme development
  • Addition of app directory for WordPress
  • What should you find out about the dependency management mechanism? Why should you find out about it?

Experts opine that the introduction of dependency management mechanism is inevitable – not as a fancy update but definitely because the Content Management System needs it. We are no strangers to the fact that other CMS platforms like PHP have already adopted this kind of mechanism. PHP has a Composer which can manage and resolve several libraries as a single library may require. Each PHP library which backs a Composer has a distinctive set of dependencies. The single library or Composer brings all these libraries together as a means to ensure that all these composers are well-matched with each other.

WordPress needs a Composer-like mechanism because designers and developers do not really have to work on the rediscovery of the wheel every time they want to make a new theme or plugin. The experts opine that every time they are writing a code for this purpose they are actually wasting time. Instead, they could have easily made use of the library packages out there and get over with their task in a jiffy.

The introduction of the dependency manager will actually open floodgates for the development of more and more WordPress-specific plugins. Try out some of the most popular plugins like Woocommerce, Meta slider, page builder, etc.